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If you get into the marrow of that daily storyline it is always, always Emilia (Clarke). She is the most motivating, stimulating young actor of many I’ve worked with. She is utterly old-school professional. She carries around a ripped up, wrecked, ruined version of the book we’re shooting, because she is one of the only people who reads the books. And behind all of that, every time you say action, you watch this performance occur that is Nirvana. You’re in a rock quarry with like 500 smelly guys, and the crew is exhausted, and everybody is on edge, and Emilia comes on set and all of a sudden the whole crew is like (In a sing-songy voice): “Emilia! Good morning Emilia, how are you?” It brings out the best in everybody. It’s like Audrey Hepburn has just walked on to the set. And nobody is more gracious than she is on the set. It’s just great. She is a good example.
Alex Graves (x)

(Fonte: prettyinfatuated)

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